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      Dubai Butterfly Garden

      The Dubai Miracle Garden is also home to the Dubai Butterfly Park which was recently added. This is the world’s largest and region’s butterfly garden featuring 15,000 butterflies of around 26 kinds! Dubai Butterfly Garden is an indoor garden which has ten domes that is sure to win your heart. The destination gives you the opportunity to see beautiful butterflies and gives you an insight into their world. Here you will be made to understand how butterflies evolve through each stage and so is a good learning opportunity for everyone. Also there are assistants to help you interact with the Butterflies and take beautiful pictures with butterflies. If you are travelling with kids this destination is a must visit.

      There is separate entrance and ticket for Dubai Butterfly Garden. Ask for assistance to the security guards seen on the road towards Dubai Miracle Garden.

      Park Timings:

      Weekdays and Weekends 9:00AM – 6:00PM

      Admission Fee:

      Adults and Children (3 years and above): 55AED
      People of determination and Children’s below 3 years old: Free of Charge

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