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      Promising a full bloom in fun and celebrations for the upcoming months, Dubai Miracle Garden - the world's largest natural flower garden - have a variety of new and exciting attractions and activities each season for the people of all ages.


      Every season, Dubai Miracle Garden challenges itself to carve a special place in the hearts of visitors with breathtaking visuals and an experience that they are sure to share with friends and families.

      Emirates A380

      A new botanical wonder has taken root at the heart of the world’s largest natural flower garden in Dubai. Emirates Airline has teamed up with Dubai Miracle Garden to construct the world’s largest floral installation through a life-size version of the Emirates A380, covered in more than 500,000 fresh flowers and living plants. The installation is the largest structure ever built at the garden and set a new Guinness World Record for ‘World’s Largest Flower Structure forming the shape of Airbus380’ in December 2016.


      Mickey Mouse

      As part of a new licensing deal between Dubai Miracle Garden and The Walt Disney Company, Dubai Miracle Garden conceived and designed the spectacular 18metre high Mickey Mouse floral structure – Disney’s first character floral display in the Middle East – earning the 5th Guinness Records entitled ‘World’s Largest Topiary Structure’ in February 2018.

      The sculpture features almost 100,000 plants and flowers, weighs almost 35 tons, and is supported by a 7-ton steel structure with a concrete foundation of 50 tons of reinforced concrete.


      Disney Avenue

      Visitors will now be able to enjoy Disney’s most iconic characters ‘Mickey Mouse and Friends’ in the stunning floral display when reopens in winter season.


      Big Teddy Bear

      A 12-metre-high Teddy Bear structure which comprises of thousands of fresh plants and flowers is one of the newest attraction in the garden. The Teddy Bear is holding a heart which specifically reveals that it is spreading the message of love and harmony.


      Lost Paradise

      ‘Lost Paradise’ is an underground floral cascade with a depth of 20ft – where you could find dozens of Floral Houses and Bungalows which offers an amazing ambience at the Dubai Miracle Garden.


      Hill Top

      A Hill having vibrantly colorful flowers dazzles the visitors of the Dubai Miracle Garden. A beautiful passage takes you to a rather deeply located area of the garden and upon reaching its floor, you can watch color flowers from bottom to the higher altitudes which makes it a hill of flowers. It gives you an impression, as if you have come at the valley of the Dubai Miracle Garden; where you are surrounded with colorful flowers, floral themes and even trees at the very top and several coffee shops and ice cream bar on top for refreshments.



      Taking a quick break after a long walk inside the garden? We have plenty of cabanas to chill out with billowing drapes and floor cushions. A perfect spot to recharge and experience the Hawaiian ambiance.


      Lake Park

      This Lake Park transforms Dubai Miracle Garden into a living heaven on planet earth. These Lake Park is refreshing to watch, as they are fully showered with colorful flowers and water fountain that offers a real degree of relaxation for the visitors while sitting around the lake. Lakes all around the world are a common sighting within the garden but the Dubai Miracle Garden has integrated them in one of the most creative way. The Dubai Miracle Garden claims that whichever thing they touch, it turns into flower and the examples Colorful and dozens of other floral themes logically support their claim.


      Butterfly Passage

      A beautifully built Butterfly Passage with its colorful flowers and magical shape, compels the visitors of the Dubai Miracle Garden. Several floral outlines or borderlines of the butterfly wings just like frames are built and in between them a special passage forms this overall fabulous theme of the Butterfly Passage. This stunning theme tempts the visitors of the Dubai Miracle Garden to walk through it and experience the wonders and joys associated with it.


      Hearts Passage

      The Hearts Passage is the most featured attraction at the Dubai Miracle Garden. In fact, the Hearts Passage is one of the key stuff that comes to the visitors’ mind, after visiting Dubai’s Miracle Garden. The Hearts Passage gives a lovely and everlasting impression of a walking passage, inside dozens of big hearts. The hearts are not just merely a shape of hearts at the passage, but rather they offer thousands of countless flowers engraved all over them. The presence of these flowers and their aroma, triggers an everlasting experience for the visitors of the Dubai Miracle Garden.


      Floral Clock

      Watch out for this very attractive 15-metre floral clock made out of real plants and flowers with designs that alter according to the season. The mechanical parts of the clock were imported from the US and its design was created by its own in-house landscaping company Miracle Garden Landscaping.


      Umbrella Passage

      A colorful Umbrella Passage is also the part of the floral themes of the Dubai Miracle Garden. An Umbrella Passage at the Dubai Miracle Garden has a ceiling of attached umbrellas at the top. Flowers are also beautifully integrated below these colorful umbrellas (on the sides). There is not just a single Umbrella Passage but there are multiple Umbrella Passages at the Dubai Miracle Garden. The basic purpose of each Umbrella Passage is to provide shade to the visitors of the Dubai Miracle Garden. Dubai after all is a desert and at times during a day the temperature goes high. Therefore; shades are definitely needed to compensate the heat and the Umbrella Passage of the Dubai Miracle garden serves this purpose of heat compensation to the visitors.



      Gazebos among millions of flowers truly appeal the fascination of the Dubai Miracle Garden. Their colors, designs and structure offer a real degree of excellence and craft for the visitors of the Garden. Gazebos and gardens have a historical bond; a bond whose inception could be found within ancient Greek, Persian and Chinese literature while recently they were reintroduced during the Victorian period in the royal gardens. The Dubai Miracle Garden has reinvigorated the concept of the Gazebos by beautifully merging them with colorful flowers and giving them a spectacular look. Furthermore; these Gazebos of the Dubai Miracle Garden are a sole impression of peace of mind, refreshment, luxury and relaxation.


      Giant Tortoise

      A Giant Tortoise warmly greets the visitors of the Dubai Miracle Garden in its Season 6. This Giant Tortoise is just standing right in front of the entrance gate of the Dubai Miracle Garden, it is very likely that after purchasing the tickets of the Dubai Miracle Garden in gate no. 2. Giant Tortoise itself is a sort of a passage for the visitors and within this passage queues are set, where the visitors can verify their tickets to the authorities of the Dubai Miracle Garden. Therefore, the Giant Tortoise is the gateway to all the floral themes of the Dubai Miracle Garden.


      3D Floral Designs

      This 3D floral Characters in floral shapes are truly appeal the fascination of the Dubai Miracle Garden. Their colors, designs and structure offer a real degree of excellence and craft for the visitors of the Garden. The Dubai Miracle Garden has reinvigorated this concept by beautifully merging them with colorful flowers and giving them a spectacular look and unique designs.


      Floral Castle

      Surrounded by millions of flowers with sitting and dining facility inside, This Floral Castle gives you an impression as if you are in some kind of a fairyland.



      Dubai Miracle Garden is an incredible family-friendly destination, a must-visit for residents and tourists alike, which offers weekly live shows, a trampoline for kids and has various special entertainment activities, with music, dance and showmanship throughout the season.

      A huge Floral Auditorium of flowers promises live theatrical events and entertainment for the visitors of the Dubai Miracle Garden. This amphitheater is not just a display only stuff but rather it serves as a central stage for many creative events, shows, celebrity visits and communicational themes as well.


      Dubai Miracle Garden offers a unique creations with 12 custom mix of trampolines for the whole family. This will be the perfect place to keep them busy and play if long walks is not an option for them. We have our in-house staff to look after them and keep them safe during their play time.

      Trampoline Park

      Coming Soon

      3D Mapping


      Join us for a weekly live performance, parade and musical shows that surely adds to your experience

      Weekly Live shows

      (Coming Soon)

      Flower Parade

      (Coming Soon)

      Zumba for the whole Family


      Looking for the ideal gift for family or friends? Or just simply wants to make your visit a memorable one? No worries we have this souvenir shop for you. Selling a variety of flower -related products and merchandise with Dubai Miracle Garden logo that could remind you of your visit.

      Souvenir Shop

      Take away some cherished memories from one of our in-house photo booth located in the entrance. The booth also sells a variety of customized products and imaging solutions such us photography and green screen technologies.

      Photo booth

      Disney Merchandise is now in Dubai Miracle Garden. You can now shop for souvenir toys featuring your favorite Disney Characters.

      Disney Merchandise

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